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Our Trading Services

Investing made simple with iTradeCare! It is time to build your own investment portfolio with a self-directed account and save on fees.

Make your money work harder for you with the guarantee of maximum output on iTradeCare.

This company is managed by the best hands in the field of investing, successfully handling trading and assets management with an enviable track record and 100% assurance of optimum output. No better time to start your investment journey with iTradeCare than today!

About Our Company

We offer an extensive choice of investments, with our customers benefiting from over 8,000 shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds, funds, investment trusts, cryptocurrency trading and other assets spanning through international markets, all available within an iTradeCare basic account.

We Provide

  • Paid Trading Tutorials, Seminars & Advice.
  • Quick & Easy funding methods.
  • Security & Privacy.
  • Intelligent Automated System.

How iTradeCare Company Works

We offer trading services, tutorials and mentor ship to investors. This is capable of returning 8.5 -18% weekly profit with trading period of 60days and 365 days. Deposits & Withdrawals are processed using the CryptoCurrencies.

We strive to offer a trading opportunity that GUARANTEES PROFIT return daily from the crypto, forex, CBD Oils, Seeds, Hemp market with your investment. We hope to offer a secure option for easy access to our trading services, trading seminars & opportunity.


For your convenience we have combined the most demanded services into packages. Their accessibility depends on the amount of your first trading deposit. By investing more, you get more bonuses and advantages!


Maximum: $5000
Weekly profit: 10℅
Validity: 90 days
Withdrawal: Every Saturday


Minimum: $800
Weekly profit: 8℅
Validity: 90 days
Withdrawal: At 30 Days

Real Estate

Location: 5638 Wyncreek Cir SW #53, Atlanta, GA 30331
BD's: 5
BA's: 3
Status: Active


Withdrawal: At the End of the Plan

Reasons to Choose Us

Behind our commitment to excellence are few key attributes that define who we are and what makes us different from any other.

Top-Rated Company

We hold a successful track record of satisfying our clients and getting back their bond money.

Good Profit

We offer a range of options with good profit and flexible plans.

Credibility & Security

Our site offers top notch security from internet crawlers and ensure encrypted security, this is accompanied with good reviews of our credibility in the trading markets.

Happy Client,
Happy investors

We Offer a wide
range of options
to choose from,
So Why Wait?

As it concerns trading, we have a team of experts & there is never a chance for loss.